Success Coaching $101K- How to Build a Six-Figure Coaching Business!

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I am in love with this program. It is simple, down to earth and practical - this is the combination I enjoy the most. Right after the first week coaching session with Phil I polished my Elevator Pitch and practiced with a friend of mine (I warned her that I would be practicing). I was amazed that she decided to become my client without her even feeling that she was buying. That experience proved that if we have a great Elevator Pitch and we are authentic while communicating it, unexpectedly miracles happen with our prospects. I now know the power of the Elevator Pitch and why we need to be authentic. Thank you very much, Phil, for creating this program! For those who struggle to build their coaching business it is a huge resource and a time saver:-) Valentina Staylho

Hello Phil, Had a great start.  For the first time I have used the new elevator speech in front of a group of women and I remembered what you told me . . .  its not about me but about them.  It was alot of fun and all my fears were swept away.  I know I can build this business while going through med school and it can help me pay for school.  Thank you Phil. Warmest wishes, Shanti Moeller

Hi Phil: I was very impressed with the work you did with me, and it certainly helped. To date I have sold about 95 Born rich books with 5 MMG under my belt. Sold and taught a Born rich program and 10 Winners image programs. Very well worth what you taught me Mark Miller

Thank you very much, Phil. I am learning simple practical steps that I did not consider important before, as well as understanding the difference between knowing and doing and how to close the gap between the two. I am using your scripts to communicate with potential prospects and I am sure the results will show fast. At least I feel more confident now and that will be felt by my prospects for sure. Valentina Bolatto

Dear Phil, 
Your style is so genuine. It’s great! Thank you for the great tips. I am already taking some action I would have never taken before. 

I love the soft-selling technique it is so simple and was so much misunderstood by me:) I love your attitude and I am learning now how to vibrate in a similar manner – just one this result from the course means a huge step forward in learning and applying soft selling in my business development. 
As for the elevator pitch, I will be practicing it during my participation in Agel Russia on 13-14 July and will go through my terror barrier for sure.

Great lesson as all this stuff, thank you Phil. You have made a big favor to all of us consultant-students. Looking forward to utilizing all of this in my coming business in autumn after summer holiday. Fantastic course Phil. Excellent idea to utilize Stick Person-model according to a client. Matti Ahonen

Hi Phil,  I am so happy to let you know that my coaching services' sales double and the number of MasterMind Book Study participants tripled after I completed the program. Since the book is available only in English at this moment (I hope that the Russian version will be available this year, too) I did not sell any yet. My audience is Russian speaking.  The shift of my mindset that I experienced through the program participation is very well reflected in what I do and how I approach people and organizations now. That was a huge effect on me - I am easily talking to anyone right now on what I do and share my message with every single person I meet. I am authentic and enthusiastic about what I do.  I am sharing information - basically giving a lot - and I do a lot of master classes. I am sure that is going to pay sooner than I can expect. Thank you for this program and for being a great coach!!! Have a fantastic day! Valentina Stalyho

Thank you, Phil! After 20 minutes into your first lecture, I have 3 questions on my list for discussion already. I know I am in the right place in the right time with the right person and program! Fantastic resource to LSCs! Thank you!

I am very grateful to Phil for this coaching program that has helped me a lot to understand how to build my coaching business. I have put many learnings of it into practice but there is still a lot to do. But now I have practical directions what and how to do it. It’s great to see how Phil has put his teachings into practice and how they really work in real life. Phil’s coaching calls were very helpful and when you are accountable things start to happen. I understood the importance of the mentor and coach. I warmly recommend this course to everyone who seriously wants to build the business to the next level. I also continue to study it until all of those powerful advice are my habitual conduct. Matti Ahonen Life Success Consultant Finland

Phil, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate being a part of the program you developed for LCS’s. Success 101 has broadened my scope of what it is to be a LifeSuccess Coach. It is a privilege to share the tools of success to those who are eager and willing to learn.  But I know how important it is to do by example. And this has been an uphill climb. Your step by step process reinforces and puts to practical use the values and principles that Bob teaches. I am grateful for your sharing the step by step process in a full bodied formula.  My faith has been renewed and I am confident that I will achieve all that I desire while helping others realize their true potential. I love this life! Regards,  Marita Forney

Hello Phil, On Thrusday I had a Lecture for a group of 8 teachers. It was the second time that I met them and I used the Soft Sell ... it was funny... at first they started staring me... and then suddenly went on with many questions, like: what´s the requirement to attend the training, content, time, days, fees, etc.. Well, after all, I got two enrolment for THE GOAL ACHIEVER program. I loved, it was so different. And I invited them to start a BR MMG too. Today I started the third week – the first lecture is fantastic ( Live call with a Prospect. Create the feeling of what he wants). I´m going to repeat the listening to make sure if I understood perfectly your direction, ok. Phil, I appreciate very much the way you teach. Thanks, thanks, thanks... Ilda Pegorini

I just wanted to recommend that you use Phil Cicio`s course. Phil is amazing to work with and as I said to him this week ”Bobs course are the bricks for the foundation and Phil`s course is the mortar that binds those bricks together”. I found it very useful in the very first week and every week after that, it answered all my questions and gave me practical tools as he shares in his live seminars. Sincerely Mark Miller L.S.C.

Hi Phil: I just thought I would update you on my MMG last night. First I had 16 people there and most of them were referred by someone, I used your slides (Wow what a difference) Everything just flowed out of me like a tap. Thanks again for all your help, I have really grown from your teaching also.

I can’t thank you enough for this program and for letting me meet my inner self  (my real potential) – it is a gigantic step for me in improving my integrity and stretching out beyond my wild dreams!!!!!

You do have a fantastic talent to speak simple language that hit into the right place in my mind and I know it comes from within. That is what I am developing for myself and you are my role model nowJ. I am so grateful and happy to meet you now. I attracted you at the right time thanks to the LOA!

Hi Phil, I have sold my facilitation services of GA program to a client today right after our coaching session. I used all the tips that we talked about during our session. I love being authentic and helping people to close the gap between knowing and doing! It feels great! It is so powerful and give a lot of energy to me. I was amazed how I can feel client’s vibration when I listen to the client’s needs and when I stand ready to help my client making a quantum leap in moving forward. I can’t thank you enough for being such a fantastic coach and bringing the 101k program to help me and others to build the business. Thank you once again and I am moving forward with the 3rd week.

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“As Bob Proctor and You say, you have to hang with the winners. The consultants that are actually really doing it and making it happen. I wanted that so I called Phil Cicio.  I signed on to his coaching program for consultants. The moment I submitted my payment I knew I was going to talk to him every week and it put me in with a winner.   I had a shift at that moment.  So I studied the videos and audios. Simulated my track talks and started working. Phil’s recordings of him on real meetings and seminars were a huge help to me and made a big difference.
Well all this put me in a great vibration. I was feeling good.  So 3 weeks into Phil’s program, Amy, The owner of the schools I had met with a year ago for TIR, shows up at the gym, where I work. She’s a member. She runs over and says “I’ve been thinking about you. Wow you look great. There’s something about you. Are you in love? What’s going on? You look great. We have to talk.
We met 4 days later and I enrolled her and her assistant into TIR and earned $4000. I was able to go in and listen and then tell her, I said “Amy, I ‘m an expert at this and I can help you.”  45 min later I walked out with a signed contract and a $4000 check.  Working with Phil pushed me into the next level of my success.  I’m loving it! “
Best regards,
I have been coaching coaches and the number one reason that coaches struggle is because they get into the business to help people not to sell, however selling is essential to success!

I had the same struggle when I first started my coaching business, but my mentor Bob Proctor from the movie “The Secret”, taught me how to feel good about selling.

Once I learned this secret, my business took off and not only have I been successful as a coach, I now teach other coaches exactly how I did it!

I am teaching Bob Proctor’s coaches how to build their businesses and I am offering you the exact same course! You will learn what some of the best coaches in the world have been doing to build a real coaching business.

You no longer need to struggle, building a Six Figure Coaching Business is easy once you know how!

-If you are struggling getting clients.

-If you are having difficulty charging for your service.

-If you don’t understand how to market your coaching services

-If you don’t know how to fill a seminar and sell from the front of the room.

-If you don’t understand the psychology of selling

-If you have difficulty overcoming objections

-If you want to learn how to present like a Pro

Success Coaching $101K is the perfect program for you!

In this program I will teach you to build a Six Figure Income in your Coaching Business!

This is not theoretical information, this is exactly how I have built my business and you will be able to come inside my coaching business and see exactly how I sell!

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-Weekly training videos walking you through all the steps to building your coaching business!

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-Audios and videos of me actually doing a live book study!

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