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Sterling Gillam, Captain, U.S. Navy (Ret)

Phil did an outstanding job! Best presentation on Leadership I have had in the Navy!


Tanya Abraham, Wells Fargo

I took your class yesterday and I wanted to say thank you for teaching. Your class opened up and breathed new life into mine. I was already on the road to changing my life for better and positive. This class just tops everything off! I shared this information with my kids last night and they were writing our their goals and affirmations. Big Thank you!


Tammi Benson

Seminars and training classes are a dime a dozen, but sometimes you hit one that stands out; your Leadership class was that one.  You have a way of letting us see our personal opportunities mixed in with the positive leadership skills we have already honed.  Not only have I been working on changing some of my behaviors and attitude, I have been trying to model the behaviors for my son to see.  I suspect he learned to be impatient and frustrated from me 🙂

Truly understanding how the hard wiring was done at such a young age (in most cases) is playing a huge roll in learning to respond.  And, looking back, I can see the evidence knowing how I grew up and what my preferences are.

I know that was a long story ~ the short story is… you do have a positive impact on people.


Joseph A. Galiastro, Systems Cargo Aerial

I just wanted to say thank you again for your time over the past two days. I really appreciate the passion and authenticity you bring to the table. You can go home knowing you “showed up”, “connected with others”, and were a “success”. You’re also a great example of someone who practices what they preach, so thank you again.


CDR Jeffrey B. Barta, Commander, U.S. Navy (Ret)

Thank you so much for this, and for your time yesterday! I wasn’t kidding when I stated that the time we spent was better than the leadership courses I endured for over 28 years in the Navy. Your material reinforced some of the things I’ve already been doing, while giving me new approaches for my leadership style.

Mindy Borgatti, Exit Cape Realty

Hi Phil

I just wanted to thank you for a great program I truly believe that you have totally changed my way of thinking in which has made more successful. Since taking your classes I have surprised myself in what I am cable of doing when in the right mindset.  Removing the negativity from my life as made me a much happier and better me.

So again Thank you

Mindy Borgatti


Danielle Sidebotham, Masy BioServices

As always you inspire me to want to be better, set good examples and become the best leader I can for my team. My manager also enjoyed your class as well and she sees what I have been “hooping and hollering” about when I come back from one of your seminars. Thank you for being you and for guiding me through my transition from staff to supervisor.


I hope to become half the leader you’re are someday! Keep doing what you’re doing and climbing to new heights. You truly are an inspiration.

Laurie O’Shea, Exit Cape Realty

Hi Phil,

Just a short note to thank you for the awareness you have helped me to bring to the forefront of my mind.

 I see every day events with a completely different attitude. More clearly and with a perspective I did not react with in the past.

 So many wonderful things happened after your class and I can’t thank you enough for all your lessons of self. How we see and treat ourselves, is exactly what we get back in our universe.

 Laurie O’Shea


Stacey Momo

I’m so glad I met you because I’m hoping I can take your classes to get direction (in life and as it pertains to my business), to further my personal development, and to start achieving goals that are actually relevant to where I’m trying to go. So point me in the direction that I need to go in and I will go!


I have to also say in closing that as a personal development consumer at large, I’ve never met a person like you. There’s a lot of people moving into this arena of work because it’s obvious our society is thirsty for leadership, direction, and motivation. Many are leading people astray with vague and sometimes downright bad advice to further their own agendas, but you are truly a gift from God. The value you’re adding to people will transcend time. It was a real blessing to be in that seminar yesterday. I felt like I was at my favorite clinic- church, where you go in one way and come out another- refreshed!


Stacy Orta

Hi Phil! Your seminars were so great and insightful. I not only gained useful tools for work but life tools to improve myself and tools to aid me in better understanding people as well as myself. My team equally enjoyed the training and it was very empowering for them as well. I am so grateful that you chose this path in your career because you do have a wonderful gift of genuinely up lifting people in a humble way and I am appreciative to have been a part of it. All the best of luck on your path!


Samantha Pecynski

I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done already. I have started to apply some of what you taught us and look forward to implementing more. I look over my novel of notes just about daily. I really appreciate people, like you, who take the time to provide tools to others to help us became a better versions of ourselves. Your class was truly engaging and seemed as if it flew by. I feel like we missed out, not being able to hear your story, because I know from my experiences a lot of the time that it is those stories which might be the most inspiring of them all. At least I know for me is that it’s my experiences that bring me to be the person that I am today and that help shape me. Thank you. What you are doing is truly great and I hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday!


Melissa Ho, Wells Fargo

Thanks so much Phil, I was in your class yesterday and you’ve empowered me and reignited my motivation! I look forward to watching all your videos and to be that confident voice in my head. I hope you have another class in Charlotte!


Donna Brown

This is Donna Brown and I attended your Maximizing Your Potential class yesterday in Charlotte, NC.  I just wanted to thank you because I have been struggling with that inner voice that is angry, depressed and self defeating some days .  Many things you spoke about hit home but when said ‘you were supposed to be here – it is how the universe works’, I felt like you were speaking directly to me.  Also, the “you are tired because you have no goals”, is so true!  I am on journey to be more healthy, positive and driven to have a happy home for my husband and kids.  I have lost 30 lbs since Nov 2015 but your class has helped define my purpose.  Thank you again!

Kelley Byrnes-Benkart

K. Byrnes-Benkart

“I can say a lot of wonderful things about Phil and the program. The most noticeable benefit to both myself and my team was the positive energy and awareness of how we can control our outcomes by changing our mind set. My office has always been very positive and connected but this brought us to a whole new level. Also, Phil genuinely cares about the people that he coaches and their outcomes. It is not just his job or product. He is vested in each person in the program and truly wants everyone to succeed and achieve their personal goals. That in itself makes this program one of a kind ”

don clifford

Don Clifford, DMC5 Visual Concepts

“Phil Cicio has worked with me as a coach since August of 2010 and I am amazed at the results I have seen, both on a personal and professional level. Phil has helped me to not only identify my true goals, but how to achieve them. Phil’s 20+ years of experience as an entrepreneur and studying personal development is the vital ingredient in the coaching programs he offers. I have taken part in three of Phil’s programs and will continue to work with him in the future. I owe a great deal of thanks to Phil and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for greater results in their lives.”


Nancy Basilicato

“Phil’s teachings, encouragement and positive attitude has helped me to redefine success in my life and to break the mold and patterns of my previous thinking. I plan on taking more courses with Phil in the new year.”


Andy Olewinski, Massive Success

“Phil is a real professional. Committed, energetic, knowledgeable and passionate about helping others reach and exceed their goals. Meeting Phil marked a turning point in my goals of building a consulting business of my own. His input has helped me in ways that I didn’t think were possible. I highly recommend Phil.”


Carol A. Cullins

“Thank you for visiting Mount Wachusett Community College this semester to talk with the Student Ambassadors. They were so inspired by your presentation!


At a time of economic challenges, students need to know that they have the power to control their own destiny. Working hard and earning good grades, coupled with a positive attitude, will help them to propel ahead of the competition when it comes time for them to look for their first job, and it will help their applications to stand out if they decide to transfer after graduation to pursue a bachelor degree.


Your presentation instilled those values in the students. They were energized and motivated by your presentation and one student has even reported an improvement in his grades! He understood that by getting rid of old habits and choosing to change his behavior, his grades would consequently improve. Thank you for making our students feel empowered!”


Thomas Capizzi, Jr.

“I can’t thank you enough for working with our sales and production team on the Mission for Commission Program. You made such a strong connection with each member of our team; totally engaging them in your message.


I believe the one-on-one coaching sessions you conducted to help each person attain their specific goals was paramount to developing your relationship with them; by personalizing the coaching sessions, it truly help to tie everything together.


Everything you did for us was a 100% homerun. All of us look forward to spending more receiving the training and influence you have to offer.”


Bernadette Rivard, Bellingham Public Library

“It is my pleasure to write this letter recommending the services of Phil Cicio of Success thINC. When the Bellingham Library was  looking for a professional motivational speaker to kick off our “Job  Seekers in Libraries” programming, little did we know there was a gem in our own backyard! Phil is a local resident and was recommended to us by our town business association.


In January, Mr. Cicio was the speaker at our “Find Your Future at the Bellingham Library” kick-off event. It was attended by over 50 people, job seekers as a well as community leaders and local business people. Phil was able to connect with the audience, some of whom where somewhat discouraged  job seekers. He informed them of the benefit of always having a positive attitude, as well as the more difficult task of explaining to them why they should, and most importantly, how they can. He didn’t speak to them as “unemployed”. He used the term “in transition” to help them frame their current circumstances in a positive light. He was able to help them see that their situation may not be ideal, but it could be the beginning of much a better one.


This week, Phil returned to facilitate our first meeting of a newly formed library networking group for job seekers. In less than an hour he was able to take a group of people, many of whom admitted talking to people they don’t know was a challenged, and encouraged them to start a 5 minute conversation with one other person. Each person explained to the group what they learned about the other person, and in a short time it was apparent that members of the group had made connections, based on careers, life circumstances and even geographical connections that were not local. This exercise demonstrated to the attendees the benefit of how having a simple conversation with someone you don’t know, can lead people to connect on a level they did not expect. By the end of the meeting, many members of the group were reaching out to other attendees to make connections.


We have found Phil’s presentations to be professional, enlightening and very beneficial to our target group. I’d highly recommend him”


Alan Marks, Realty Executives Boston West

“Last spring, Phil Cicio led a book study group for my office on the Bob Proctor book “You Were Born Rich”. Phil has unique talent as a coach and facilitator. We read one chapter per week and discussed the best ideas, why we thought it was a best idea, and how we could apply those principles in our lives and in our business.
One constant theme was that positive thoughts lead to positive actions, which lead you to your goals and vision. The opposite is also true. Overall, the discussions were insightful, energizing, and led to positive outcomes. There were about ten people who participated each week, and they also learned from each others insights and experiences. I’m really looking forward to having Phil back to do another workshop called “Your Mission in Commission”. I highly recommend Phil for being a gifted coach, facilitator, and trainer!”


Jill K Strombeck, Exit Cape Realty

“Phil Cicio came into my life at a point where answers to problems were difficult to find. After experiencing Phil’s friendship, a book study “You Were Born Rich”, and taking his incredible course of “Mission Commission”, I have grown to a point where there are no problems only opportunities.


When I was able to let go of the past, the “Great Vibrations” came into my life. Phil provides that rare relationship of a true friend and a mentor and coach that will change your life. Thanks for everything”


James J. Buckley

“I just wanted to take a moment and put some of my thoughts together regarding your work here at the dealership. When we spoke five months ago I thought we were hiring you as a consultant to help us advance our underachieving Service Department. What I failed to realize was that not only would you be making recommendations on improvements but that you were going to be the driving force in getting these initiatives implemented. This has been a godsend in progressing this department as I strongly believe your innovative ideas would have crashed and burned without you here to drive them into completion and repetition.


Previously, Smith had Mercedes-Benz come here and implement Workshop Process 2010 to help us evolve our fixed operations. This failed miserably as the cookie cutter approach does not work at every store because of the many varied personalities each store possesses. You came here and succeeded not because of a singular focus on the numbers but a multi-pronged approach to address all of the issues affecting profitability. We needed to understand everyone’s thought process and adjust their way of thinking to make long term acceptance and ultimate success possible. You have certainly achieved that in a relatively short time. The Service Manager and the advisors were all very negative to changing the way they sold because in their mind they ‘knew’ our customers better than anyone. You were successful in changing their mindset and opening them up to the possibility of reinventing how they approached customers and how to get them to purchase additional work beyond what they came in asking for initially. Despite their vast experience and years of service they reluctantly tried “your” way and found great success. Also, when we changed their pay plans and rewarded them for “selling” the work it became second nature to ask that these additional services be completed thus meaning long term success. This acceptance has enabled the advisors to sell twice as many hours than previous.


An additional benefit has been improved employee morale and interaction between Service Manager and staff. Everyone has shared in the increased profitability and is working harder, smarter and is more engaged in all processes. The fact that the department has set and achieved these goals means that employees get more satisfaction and of course additional income opportunities. The implementing of both goals and establishing effective systems have improved our efficiency and productivity immeasurably. All of this leads to an amazing growth rate in gross and net sales as well as a very nice bump in profitability.


Obviously the most important part of the plan was having you here on a daily basis not just to consult but jump right in and involve yourself with our employees and let them know you were not just “consulting” which historically has meant a good chance that all of these initiatives would have failed. Your continuous involvement with the employees helped us achieve the buy in so necessary to long term success.


We look forward to staying involved with you on an ongoing basis and very much appreciate your hard work, resolve and commitment to making our Service Department the very best it can be.”


Rachel Hillman, Hillman Homes

“ I was amazed at how analytical and on point Phil was with our monthly coaching. He has a way of getting right down to the matter at hand and pointing things out that you may not have the ability to see. My first full year in sales, utilizing Phil, I more than doubled my business volume and income. I believe wholeheartedly in his process and his ideals. Phil is the best!!! PS: we are doing group training this year starting in March, since we’ve hired a few more folks!”


Joe Sinapi, Aflac

“Every once in a while you come across something that just plain makes good sense. This happened to me early this year and  I wanted to share it with you.


There is one common denominator that all of the greatest leaders agree on and that is success begins and ends with attitude. Any management course or leadership development program all agree that attitude is paramount to success, yet we spend countless amounts of money and time focusing on training people on tactics, sales techniques and the like. With the help of Phil Cicio we have started to work on attitudes in addition to the rest of the training and I believe it will make a difference for my organization as we continue to grow and develop.


Phil conducted a presentation as a favor to a joint District Sales Coordinator meeting that I attended and I instantly saw value in his concepts. My only concern with having him in for a statewide meeting was that I didn’t want it to be one meeting and then that would be it. As you know, it’s great for one day, but then it is quickly forgotten. Phil’s concepts were far too available to allow them to end in just one day. He put together a program consisting of 4 – 1 hour workshops that he would conduct live following his general presentation, 54 out of 104 people stood up and plunked down their deposit so they could to go through the program.


I went through the program along with my team and I also attended another more advanced one after that and I highly recommend it to everyone. It’s a program that will not only help to significantly improve your business, but it will also help you in your everyday life.”


Kevin McCarthy, Aflac

“I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your leadership and vision. I have worked with you has simply been the most productive. You have the ability to break down some basic business principals and relate them to our Aflac Sales business that has made the learning a welcomed experience.


I believe my team has grown personally and professionally during their time with you and we will continue to utilize your principals in the coming months and years. We have actually added some of the concepts to our initial sales training session with our new agents and have already seen some behavioral changes.


I will be sure to recommend you to other Aflac Leaders and look forward to continuing our relationship down the road. Thanks again for your leadership and professionalism and best of luck in all you do… we truly have been impacted by the “Phil-Phactor””


Jeremy, Jancewicz & Son

“I would like to take a moment to express how fantastic I found your seminar. It was a matter of good fortune that the owner of our company allowed for or to attend, as I am the Production Manager. I have 12 years of Production related experience of which 8 years have been in a managerial capacity. I have aggressively pursued bettering myself as a person and professional through  variety of training and seminars. Quite simply, this “sales” oriented training is, by far, the most useful production management training I have ever received. Phil, thank you so much for exposing me to the secrets of success. My days are now filled with less chaos, better results, and a happier crew. P.S. My wife thanks you as well for some of the life skills we now practice. Our marriage is great!”


Donna French, GFWC

“I am so excited to offer this endorsement for Phil Cicio. I have been working with this gentleman for several years now and he is the inspiration that has helped me through my many obstacles to reach Director rank and persevere with Network Marketing. Through him I was able to see my vision and stay focused. Every time I work with him, I always wish others could experience what I have because of his talent and that is why I want to recommend him.


Phil Cicio is a personal development consultant and inspirational speaker who helps individuals, like myself, and companies to meet their potential by living a better life and becoming more effective as a business person. He partners with Author and Motivational Speaker, Bob Proctor – who is also from the movie, The Secret.


Phil has been working with and mentoring about 16 associates on my team by providing a free 10-week online book study, You Were Born Rich. This book study has done wonders for each of them.  He is an inspiring individual who touches so many lives. ”


Janis and Randy Gold

“So, phil’s class has literally changed our lives and now we will have a chance at having a retirement , so at 60 and 65 we are staring at a new adventure and very excited about it. Come visit this summer, just look for line in front! Can’t wait for you and your family to come this june for your lunch and ice cream on the house. Love you phil! Can’t wait for the next class! Always!”


Linda Rethman

“Phil has the gift of sharing his expertise in personal development with whom ever he teaches. He breaks down the material and explains it in such a way as to make it relevant to each person’s life. Of the six people who took the Goal Achiever class I was involved 2 had achieved their goal and one had taken substantial concrete steps towards realizing their dream before the class was even over! My class with Phil was the best investment I ever made in myself! My plan is to continue to take every class Phil teaches and to hire him as a personal development coach. My journey over the last year, since meeting Phil, has been enriched and my goals are now defined and obtainable as I have a clear understanding of what must be done to accomplish them! THANK YOU PHIL!”


Joseph Loud

“Phil is the most dedicated person I know and now that he has found and is following his life’s definite purpose there is no doubt in my mind that he will be able to impact MILLIONS of people in the same way he has impacted me. Since working with Phil I have realized a complete revitalization of not only my business but more importantly my own self image. I would recommend that as soon as you’re done reading this you STOP – and press the necessary buttons either on your phone or computer to connect directly with one of the best people you’re ever likely to come in contact with!”


Crystal McNeill

“I have been working with Phil Cicio since this spring and I really value his knowledge and skills and his commitment to helping others. I know I can rely on Phil to be professional and prepared, arrive on time and communicate clearly, but even more I know he is someone who truly cares about me and my success. Phil has much wisdom and compassion for helping others. I highly recommend him!”


James Kelly

“Phil Cicio has a passion that I have rarely witnessed. He is entirely committed to all of his endeavors and he refuses to take no for an answer. At the same time, he is one of the most friendly and accommodating employers I have known. He has a highly refined business intuition – the sort of acumen that is only acquired through experience. This is well complemented by his ability to understand the personal/human side of any transaction. It was a privilege to work for and learn from him.”

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