“Six Weeks To Six Figures In Your Coaching Business”

Are You Ready To Build a Six Figure Coaching Business?


I am Bob Proctors top coach and I created a program to teach his coaches all over the world how to build their coaching business. Now I am offering the exact same program that they use to coaches all over the world.

The coaching industry has become quite popular today and many people are entering the industry to help others and also to succeed financially in doing so.

What many of my clients have come to me for, is what may be happening with you!
See, coaching is about helping people go from where they are to where they want to be and this is extremely fulfilling, however the coaching business is not a charity!

So many coaches today are either not charging enough or are doing it for free. You cannot help others until you have helped yourself and that means that you must earn money being a coach.

What stops most people from winning in the coaching business is exactly what almost stopped me in the beginning. The dirty word that stops new coaches from making money is “Sales”!

That’s right, sales. See when I became a coach all I wanted to do was help others and when my mentor Bob Proctor from the movie “The Secret” used the word sales in the same sentence as coaching, I freaked out!

I told Bob that I didn’t get into sales, “I want to be a coach”! Well a few minutes with Bob and I got over that idea fast! He shared that in order to help others you must realize that you are selling them on the idea that they need what you have to offer.

Bob taught me about the power of sales and how it is the highest paid profession in the world and if done correctly, you can make a fortune! Well the word fortune in the same sentence as coaching sounds much better don’t you think?

Well I became a great student of sales and learned to love it and if you do as well, you will build a successful coaching business and move away from the thousands of coaches that are struggling everyday!

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