With the latest discoveries in neuroscience, it is imperative that sales people understand how the brain derermines why a person decides to buys or decudes not to buy!

When it comes to success in sales, salespeople must understand how their prospects brains work when it comes to making buying decisions. Its also important for the salesperson to understand how their own mind works and what holds them back from being a top producer in their industry.
Selling is 90% mental. Most sales trainers teach sales techniques and tactics. The fact is, even though these techniques are effective,  salespeople rarely actually implement them after they have been trained. This is because of their habitual way of doing things.
Sales psychology teaches why this happenes and how to actually reprogram yourself to do what you have learned. See, most sales people have been taught what to do to be successful,  the issue is that they rarely do what the now know.
So the gap between knowing and doing must be closed. This is what I teach.


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