Personal Mentoring
– Are you a Manager or above – GM, Operations Head, Director, C Level etc. and seek mentorship and support from proven professionals?

Well with us you get a coach and cloud based personal development plan.



Are you one of these people that feel like this and we hear it all the time:

• No time to myself to Think
• I’ve told then over a hundred times and their still not getting it right
• Do you know how many emails I get in per day
• I have so many meetings for the sale of having meetings
• I’m not meeting my KPI’s and their not meeting theirs
• We need change as we are so stalling rather than progressing
• So I checked the proposal and it was pathetic



So we have heard it all before and lucky for you, we know how to settle you down and get things fixed within a week or two and start saving you time.

You know, most of our VIP’s usually save about 200 minutes per week, because we structure their days differently, their minds differently and eliminate intellectual waste.

So what can you do with an additional 200 minutes per week?

The other things we hear is:

• We want to grow saleswoman
• We want to increase productivity
• We want to grow into other states
• We want to become more productive
• We want to better utilize staff

Ok, so again, lucky for you, we can help you with all of these tasks also.

In fact, this is what happens when you are mentored by our business:

•  We meet you and learn as much as you can so we can determine what you really   want and what you need
• Our role is to help you get what you really want and what you need in the least amount of cost, time and effort
•  You allow us to take on the pressure which allows us to help you quickly, efficiently and methodically, which we love!
• Our role is to get you results or we fail

We don’t fail, however if you feel we do, we refund any money charged to you!

You see our CEO is a stickler for this saying;
“If the customer doesn’t value it then we shouldn’t do it and if they don’t value it, then we shouldn’t accept their money”

So you have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose, this is our global promise to all of our customers

How we manage your expectation and progress is so different to others also:

• We track everything online and can tell how you’re feeling each week2 women
• We can tell if your projects are on track each week
• We can tell if you need help usually before you want to admin it
• We can give you a gentle nudge or a big push if you need it
• We can see if you’re achieving and the speed of achievement
• We also can see video or photos as visual evidence of what’s going on
• We will be strategic in our thinking and operational in our execution
• We have saved clients over $200 million in benefits so we can teach you how and advise you why
• We have over 50 tools to offer you if you need to:
Count if your overstaffed or understaffed
Quantify the depth of the skills
Restructure of test business workflow models and processes
And so much more!

So what do we use?

Ok, we meet in person each week for 45 minutes to discuss the performance of the week that past and the week ahead.Aim

We track all on igoals9 and we follow this process;

Each week, we will have you assess your own progress based on the online package we design for you. The online assessment will enable us to have the perfect structure based on your needs and wants, so this is completed for you after our initial meeting.

We will view your star ratings and be already prepared for our discussion so we can give you advice online, leave you a message and get down to business, so we don’t waste your valuable time.

Aim is to improve your % rating of self worth each week or if you are assessing a business, the perception of business strength each week.

We will consider your plan and goals for the week and actions and list them.

Our unique cloud coaching support tools mean your client feels supported – day & night.

goalSo this offer is to members only.
You pay only $675 per month and if we don’t cover our costs in value, we waive it!

You Get Corporate Advisory Service at no cost with unlimited connection
• Business Growth & Improvement – Ask any question on how to improve capacity,  grow sales, calculate and identify waste, leverage online sales etc
• Personal Growth & Development – Ask any question on how to skill building, personal assessment, personal & team planning, personal &team goal setting etc
• Wellness & Mindset Analysis – Ask any question of how to interpret the star ratings, how to best plan, set goals and help each person etc
• Goal Challenges & Development – Advice and guidance on how to create targeted goals to develop individuals and teams










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