Mission in Commission with Phil Cicio

The Mission in Commission Program is a 4 week, comprehensive video workshop series that will show your sales team how to actually implement the skills you teach them, how to succeed at a much higher rate, make money faster, so you can build a more powerful sales force.

As a thank you to Joe Sinapi for  introducing me to you I would like to offer you the following:

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In this program you can expect to learn:

  • Six concepts that must be understood in order to be a 7 Figure Earner
  • How to let go of your past and concentrate on your future earnings
  • The ONE aspect you must develop in order to earn hundreds of thousands in sales
  • How to develop “The Magnificent Obsession” – it will make your work FUN
  • The 3 factors that are the fundamental foundation to your earning potential and why less than 2% of sales people ever benefit from them
  • How to do a detailed personal evaluation. Where am I? Where am I going?


Mission In Commission Description: This program is designed for the commission sales person who wants to completely transform into a selling superstar! Ask yourself a question. “Why is it that some people in my office are so productive and are out earning all  the others by leaps and bounds?” further “Why is it that they are out earning me and I feel like I am working harder than they are?”
The answer is simple, they’re on a mission and you’re on a job! As you begin this program you will begin to realize why it is that struggling sales people always struggle and superstars always stay on top and build all the time month after month and year after year. There are SIX BASIC CONCEPTS you must understand before you can join the superstars at the top and ONE FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPT you must develop in order to earn large commissions.
Bob Proctor developed this comprehensive learning system through 30 years of trial and error, he himself used these principles to go from a modest wage to in excess of $1,000,000 annually and then much, much more. As a commission sales person you know that you have an opportunity to set your own income, this is why you’re in sales. So, why is it that you aren’t able put more and more zeros in that check month after month?
YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO EARN THE EXACT AMOUNT OF MONEY YOU NEED AND MORE! Don’t expect this to happen by chance and don’t expect it to happen by learning tricky sales tactics. This program is not about working harder and it is not about spending your Nights and  Saturdays making cold calls. It is about changing the way you think and act in each aspect of your life.
It is about THINKING THE WAY THE TOP PRODUCERS THINK! You are setting these barriers and only you can make the slight alterations in order to begin to achieve the success you know is available in sales.

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