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Kevin McCarthy, Aflac

“I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your leadership and vision. I have worked with you has simply been the most productive. You have the ability to break down some basic business principals and relate them to our Aflac Sales business that has made the learning a welcomed experience.


I believe my team has grown personally and professionally during their time with you and we will continue to utilize your principals in the coming months and years. We have actually added some of the concepts to our initial sales training session with our new agents and have already seen some behavioral changes.


I will be sure to recommend you to other Aflac Leaders and look forward to continuing our relationship down the road. Thanks again for your leadership and professionalism and best of luck in all you do… we truly have been impacted by the “Phil-Phactor””


Itamar Chalif, Rockland Trust

Thank you for presenting “Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be!” at our seminar last month. Having seen you on the stage second time now, I feel compelled to say that your seminar is packed with great information and ideas. This information is a must-see for all business owners and individuals involved in business development in any way.

Thank you for sharing it, I have received great responses and thank you notes from manuy of the attendees.
Just a thought: have you explored sharing this life-changing information with kids and adolescents?


Carol A. Cullins

“Thank you for visiting Mount Wachusett Community College this semester to talk with the Student Ambassadors. They were so inspired by your presentation!


At a time of economic challenges, students need to know that they have the power to control their own destiny. Working hard and earning good grades, coupled with a positive attitude, will help them to propel ahead of the competition when it comes time for them to look for their first job, and it will help their applications to stand out if they decide to transfer after graduation to pursue a bachelor degree.


Your presentation instilled those values in the students. They were energized and motivated by your presentation and one student has even reported an improvement in his grades! He understood that by getting rid of old habits and choosing to change his behavior, his grades would consequently improve. Thank you for making our students feel empowered!”


Tom Callahan, Keller Williams Realty

“Phil is the most dedicated person I know and now that he has found and is following his life’s definite purpose there is no doubt in my mind that he will be able to impact MILLIONS of people in the same way he has impacted me. Since working with Phil I have realized a complete revitalization of not only my business but more importantly my own self image. I would recommend that as soon as you’re done reading this you STOP – and press the necessary buttons either on your phone or computer to connect directly with one of the best people you’re ever likely to come in contact with!”


Lynn Schreiner

“Phil has changed my life dramatically, he is one of the most genuine, caring, giving persons I have ever met.”


Bernadette Rivard, Bellingham Public Library

“It is my pleasure to write this letter recommending the services of Phil Cicio of Success thINC. When the Bellingham Library was  looking for a professional motivational speaker to kick off our “Job  Seekers in Libraries” programming, little did we know there was a gem in our own backyard! Phil is a local resident and was recommended to us by our town business association.

In January, Mr. Cicio was the speaker at our “Find Your Future at the Bellingham Library” kick-off event. It was attended by over 50 people, job seekers as a well as community leaders and local business people. Phil was able to connect with the audience, some of whom where somewhat discouraged  job seekers. He informed them of the benefit of always having a positive attitude, as well as the more difficult task of explaining to them why they should, and most importantly, how they can. He didn’t speak to them as “unemployed”. He used the term “in transition” to help them frame their current circumstances in a positive light. He was able to help them see that their situation may not be ideal, but it could be the beginning of much a better one.

This week, Phil returned to facilitate our first meeting of a newly formed library networking group for job seekers. In less than an hour he was able to take a group of people, many of whom admitted talking to people they don’t know was a challenged, and encouraged them to start a 5 minute conversation with one other person. Each person explained to the group what they learned about the other person, and in a short time it was apparent that members of the group had made connections, based on careers, life circumstances and even geographical connections that were not local. This exercise demonstrated to the attendees the benefit of how having a simple conversation with someone you don’t know, can lead people to connect on a level they did not expect. By the end of the meeting, many members of the group were reaching out to other attendees to make connections.

We have found Phil’s presentations to be professional, enlightening and very beneficial to our target group. I’d highly recommend him”


Jason Wheeler

“Phil has given me the tools, the perspective, the way of looking at life that has just brought so much opportunity to me. And when I say ‘opportunity,’ I mean the opportunity to help others in a meaningful way, and be justly rewarded for it. He has brought my life into focus and taken it into a direction I had always wanted it to go.”

Phil provides the tools necessary to set goals and achieve success. At times, life at work and home can be quite stressful. Phil’s presentation gives you information that you can apply throughout your personal life and in the business world to increase happiness, success and productivity.

When under constant pressure and stress, it is common to feel a little lost, think negative thoughts and lose the drive to seek success. Phil gives the confidence and encouragement you need to find out and focus on what it is that makes you happy. You will find your way of thinking change, both personally and professionally.

With knowledge of a variety of business fields and the expertise of 20-plus years in personal development, Phil not only tells you to stop and think about what you want but also gives you the means to get there and achieve positive results.

Business clients have seen positive changes within the workplace after employees and staff have heard Phil speak, and individuals have noted positive changes within their own personal lives. Book Phil today so he can continue to spread his teachings on ensuring a bright, successful future.

Let Phil Cicio teach those within your organization how to eliminate obstacles in their lives, make effective decisions, develop an enthusiasm and passion for life and commit to finding happiness.


Keynote Presentations:

  • “Close The Gap From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be”
  • “You Deserve To Win! – Get Out Of The Stands And Into The Game!”
  • “Leadership Through Positive Thinking – 3 Steps To Thinking Your Self To Success”

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