The Knowing Doing Gap!


During Phil’s Live Seminar your people can expect to learn:

  • Six concepts that must be understood in order to be successful in business and in life
  • How to set and achieve personal and professional goals
  • How to let go of your past and concentrate on your future
  • The ONE aspect you must develop in order to be successful
  • How to develop “The Magnificent Obsession” – it will make your work FUN
  • The 3 factors that are the fundamental foundation to your earning potential and why less than 2% of  people ever benefit from them
  • How to do a detailed personal evaluation. Where am I? Where am I going?


Lisa Deblake, Category Manager

Phil’s workshop really put things into perspective and opened my eyes on how and why people do what they do. this new understanding will be a great tool for me to become more influential.

Cody Price, Transportation Supervisor


Phil is an excellent speaker, very motivating and smart on subject matter. Phil knocked it out of the park! I rate his training an 11 out of 10!

                            Mike Todd, QTAC Manager

Phil Cicio did an outstanding job presenting information! There is no doubt that his training has prepared our employees to deliver outstanding customer service.


Tammi Benson,

Hi Phil,

Seminars and training classes are a dime a dozen, but sometimes you hit one that stands out; your Leadership class was that one. You have a way of letting us see our personal opportunities mixed in with the positive leadership skills we have already honed.  Not only have I been working on changing some of my behaviors and attitude, I have been trying to model the behaviors for my son to see.
I suspect he learned to be impatient and frustrated from me 🙂

Truly understanding how the hard wiring was done at such a young age (in most cases) is playing a huge roll in learning to respond.  And, looking back, I can see the evidence knowing how I grew up and what my preferences are.

I know that was a long story ~ the short story is… you do have a positive impact on people.

Sterling Gillam, Captain, U.S. Navy (Ret)

Phil did an outstanding job! Best presentation on Leadership I have had in the Navy!


Danielle Sidebotham, Masy BioServices

As always you inspire me to want to be better, set good examples and become the best leader I can for my team. My manager also enjoyed your class as well and she sees what I have been “hooping and hollering” about when I come back from one of your seminars. Thank you for being you and for guiding me through my transition from staff to supervisor.


I hope to become half the leader you’re are someday! Keep doing what you’re doing and climbing to new heights. You truly are an inspiration.


CDR Jeffrey B. Barta, Commander, U.S. Navy (Ret)

Thank you so much for this, and for your time yesterday! I wasn’t kidding when I stated that the time we spent was better than the leadership courses I endured for over 28 years in the Navy. Your material reinforced some of the things I’ve already been doing, while giving me new approaches for my leadership style.


Kevin McCarthy, Aflac

“I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your leadership and vision. I have worked with you has simply been the most productive. You have the ability to break down some basic business principals and relate them to our Aflac Sales business that has made the learning a welcomed experience.


I believe my team has grown personally and professionally during their time with you and we will continue to utilize your principals in the coming months and years. We have actually added some of the concepts to our initial sales training session with our new agents and have already seen some behavioral changes.


I will be sure to recommend you to other Aflac Leaders and look forward to continuing our relationship down the road. Thanks again for your leadership and professionalism and best of luck in all you do… we truly have been impacted by the “Phil-Phactor””

Tonia Rock, Supervisory Curator for Naval History and Heritage Command, CMF

Mr. Cicio was a fantastic presenter. He gave a balance of larger issues and specific examples that will be immediately useful in my job setting.

Excellent content and delivery!



Itamar Chalif, Rockland Trust

Thank you for presenting “Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be!” at our seminar last month. Having seen you on the stage second time now, I feel compelled to say that your seminar is packed with great information and ideas. This information is a must-see for all business owners and individuals involved in business development in any way.

Thank you for sharing it, I have received great responses and thank you notes from manuy of the attendees.
Just a thought: have you explored sharing this life-changing information with kids and adolescents?

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