Purpose Values and Culture

Most Organizations have a Vision or Mission Statement and the leader has built the organization for a Purpose, however very rarely does the entire organization know what Vision, Mission, and Purpose of the organization truly is. They may see it in writing somewhere, but rarely will you find an organization that “Lives” it!

The most successful companies are “Living” their Vision, Mission and Purpose! Developing a culture that has bought into these ideals, is critical to long term success.

Culture is “Group Attitude”. What is the “Group Attitude” of the people in your organization? What do your people say when asked “What is it like here?” The answer to this question will give you the “Culture” of your organization.

Let me help you develop a culture that makes you proud of all of your hard work and effort. Lets have your people answer the question “What is it like here?”, in a way that makes you proud!


Leadership is not something we get, it is something we earn. However, who we earn our Leadership role from is where most people get confused! Most people believe that leadership roles are earned from those above them that lead them. The reality is that leaders are NOT promoted to this role by their leader, they are promoted to this role by the PEOPLE.

Just because someone may have the “Leader” as their title, that doesn’t necessarily make them a leader. You are not a “Leader” until the people that are supposed to be the following you believe you are their leader. I have gone into many organizations and found that the leader in various departments and sometimes at the highest level, were not truly the leaders. They may have the titles, but they were not the one being followed.

Let me help you develop your leaders into people that will inspire and motivate your teams to success!

Motivation and Engagement

How do motivate your people? How do you create a culture where your people are “Fully Engaged”?

Many people will join an organization because they believe in what the organization represents and they believe in the products or services they offer. Overtime, if leadership is not continuing to instill belief and create a culture where people take ownership, eventually those initially inspired individuals, will view what they are doing as just a “job”.

Motivation and engagement is not just created extrinsically by money and other external rewards, motivation that is sustainable and full engagement are created intrinsically.

The number one reason that people leave their place of employment is because they don’t feel valued or appreciated. This is intrinsic! When was the last time your people heard “I believe in you” or “I appreciate you”?

Although extrinsic motivation is necessary, it is not what keeps people motivated, engaged and bought into your organization, they can get that everywhere!

When great people leave an organization, many times, they are firing their boss. Notice I didn’t say their “leader”. Great Leaders focus on intrinsically motivating their people and their people follow them where ever they will take them.

Sales Psychology

When it comes to success in sales, salespeople must understand how their prospects brains work when it comes to making decisions. Its also important for the salesperson to understand how their own mind works and what holds them back from being a top producer in their industry.

Selling is 90% mental, most sales trainers teach sales techniques and tactics. The fact is, even though these techniques are effective, salespeople rarely actually implement them after they have been trained. This is because of their habitual way of doing things.

Sales psychology teaches why this happens and how to actually reprogram yourself to do what you have learned. See, most sales people have been taught what to do to be successful, the issue is that they rarely do what they now know. So the gap between knowing and doing must be closed. This is what I teach.

Customer Service

For years we have heard the phrase that “The customer is always right”. Well we all know that this is not an accurate statement, unless we are the customer.

The truth is that a great customer service representative understands how to allow the customer to feel like they are right until the customer service representative had made the customer aware that they are not. Those that are truly effective professionals, never have to tell a customer that they are wrong, the professional has the customer figure this out on their own and becomes aware!

At this moment, the entire experience shifts and exceptional customer service is achieved. It takes a great understanding of the various Personality Styles in order to really connect with your customers. People are all different and a professional will modify their communication style to accommodate their customer’s personality style. They are like chameleons in a way, they change their style ever so slightly to build rapport and connect with the customer.

Are you ready to develop your number one asset,

Your People? For any company to grow, first the people

within the company must grow.

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