You can learn a little bit about me below but, the real question is: What can I do to help you?

I remember a time when I asked myself  this question “Am I all I can be?”. Well, I knew the answer was “No” however, I was unsure as to how I could become more.

I thought that if I just worked harder I would get there. Well that didn’t work! I found myself just hoping things would change and one day they did. I came across an incredible book “Think And Grow Rich” and it changed the direction of my life. It led me to the amazing world of personal development and for close to 20 years now, I have not been able to get enough.

Personal development has allowed me to grow in all areas of my life and I’ve gone from student to teacher. I didn’t do it alone, I am fortunate to have partnered with one of the most well respected personal development experts in the world, Bob Proctor. Together our company is changing millions of lives and I am truly living “On Purpose”.

I have always been most fulfilled when I was helping others. I hope I can help you as you grow and begin living the life of your dreams.AFLAC National Training Day

To Your Success,

Phil Cicio

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