Personality Type – RED (pt 2)

Red Personality Type:

Personality Type Red

Identifying Temperaments

Reds put forth raw confidence. They are driven by challenge. They have an overwhelming desire to win. They are generally self centered. They tend to be very curt with people. They like having the best of everything and are incredibly materialistic. They appreciate being the strong, “alpha-dog” type of people. Interestingly, Reds are normally insecure, they require praise and approval, this is why they have to overachieve. They are very strong decision makers. They enjoy standing out in the crowd and getting the “VIP” treatment. They have a tendency to not play well on a team.


Very insecure, they have to portray a tough shell to keep people from seeing their fear and self doubt. They will do anything to win, sometimes, even engage in unethical behavior. They feel, “The end justifies the means”. They are verbally abusive to people. They use intimidation and fear tactics to manage people.

They are horrible listeners, they’re more likely to be talking. They can be sociopaths who create their own world of right and wrong. They crave and need constant reinforcement of their value from others. They are very egocentric. They demand VIP treatment all the time. They resent it when others are in the spotlight it has to be “all about them”. They are over-demanding of everyone in their lives. They feel as though they are defined by their material possessions. They feel as though they are “above the law”. They have a sense of entitlement, everyone owes them.


Motivated by winning, but not to the point of being unethical to win. They have a strong self image and are not dependent on the approval of others. Reds do tend to be self centered, but they are highly aware of other people’s needs. They want to be the leader and enjoy the spotlight. They don’t mind working hard in order to achieve success. A red will never go out of their way to express emotion but they will when needed. They live for a challenge. They have learned to appreciate the opinion of others and even allow them to have a say in major decisions. Highly functional reds do like the VIP treatment, but are not dependent upon it.


Dress Casual when prudent but normally formalDesigner labels (even with casual clothes)
Appearance Always short hairWell groomedTypically in good shape
Voice and Tone Loud but not obnoxiousSarcastic even profane

Speak fast

Timeliness Typically a few minutes lateBut, don’t be late meeting them

Always in a rush

Greeting them Firm handshakePrivate space in front of them, not to be violated

Be confident to gain their respect

Speak slightly louder and faster

Don’t beat around the bush

Persuading Them Do Not order them aroundChallenge them to get them to do what you want

Reds want big results fast

Flatter them about their appearance and material things

Don’t criticize them

Be firm and certain of what you are saying

Do not embarrass them

Inspiring Them Challenge them and create a competitive environmentExpect a lot, they’ll appreciate it

Reds can be the most valuable people you will ever meet, they are great leaders, they work hard, but, if you don’t know how to treat them they can be the hardest to work with or get to know.



  1. I feel like having multi personality disorder because all color types descriptions are good for one day and unacceptable for another. Please, advise

    • Hello Valeria,

      We all have some of each of the personality types within us, however we have a dominant personality type or “Color”. The idea is to know your color and understand that everyone is different and knowing this will help you adjust to their personality. For instance if you are a “Red” which is an aggressive personality and you are dealing with a “Yellow” which is a passive personality, you must realize this and soften your tone with them otherwise you will shut them out, they won’t be listening.

      Your goal is to be like a chameleon and change the way you respond to the different personality types. You can do this once you have studied the four different types.

      I hope this is helpful!

      To Your Success!

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