Personality Type – Green (pt 4)

Green Personality Type:

Green Analytical Personality Types


Greens are logical and highly calculated in their thinking. They never make quick decisions. Greens would prefer to gather all the data so they can analyze it before making decisions. They are naturally skeptical of other people’s motives. They prefer gathering facts over depending on intuition or faith. They are very pragmatic.  They need a precise plan to follow or they have a hard time functioning. Greens seek structure as a rule. They do not like surprises or spontaneous events. They are perfectionists. They are never highly emotional and can sometimes be detached.

DIS-FUNCTIONAL GREENS ARE: They over-analyze everything so bad that they tend to not take any action at all, they suffer from “analysis paralysis”. They expect everyone and everything to be perfect and they will be highly critical of others if they are not. They are not forgiving. They are difficult to get close to because of their distaste for intimacy or emotion. Dysfunctional greens can be so skeptical that they turn people off. They miss opportunities all the time because they need to see documented proof of success before they take action. They come off as cold, distant and uncaring. They are self centered. They need to win every argument and do things their way. They are not social.

HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL GREENS ARE: They learn to discipline themselves in an opposite manner from others, their discipline is to “just do it”. They learn to build on experiences as opposed to having to read or see things first. They learn to live with the fact that they can’t win every argument. They don’t need to see the facts in order to make a decision. The learn to open up on an emotional level to people they are comfortable with. They lose their deep need for perfection and develop a desire to be excellent instead. The learn how to be focused on results over methods when trying to achieve success.


Dress Very nondescript. Nothing flashy.Nothing trendy or too expensiveLeans towards conservative
Appearance Hair style very normal. Nothing wildOK with baldness or physical imperfectionsUsually pretty physically fit
Tone and voice Borderline monotone. Slow and deliberateVery articulate. Good vocabulary, no slang
Timeliness Very promptUpset when others are lateThey hate small talk
Greeting them They will not get close to youThey like having their spaceNo wild handshakes. Usually no smile or small talk coming from Greens
Persuading Them Do not tell them what to do.Explain their options and back offNo hype. Use logical arguments

Use as much 3rd party documentation as possible

Teaching Them Don’t sugar coat things, straight talkWalk your talk. They won’t like a hypocriteRefer to documented sources to validate what you are teaching them
Inspiring Them Do not look over their shoulder all the timeStress excellence over perfection


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